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  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Colour Maintenance Shampoo is specifically formulated for colour and chemically treated hair. Refreshes and revitalizes the hair colour. It contains vegetable surfactants and has natural conditioning characteristics which enhance hair shine and silkiness.

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Calming Wash detoxifying shampoo formulated to rebalance the scalp with oily dandruff or oily hair. Normalizes and cleanses the scalp without being aggressive on the hair.

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Hydrating Cream Wash balancing shampoo.  This moisturizing creamy texture shampoo, deeply cleans, moisturizes and protects hair without being aggressive, thanks to its mixture of moisturizing vegetable ingredients, conditioning oils, like soy lecithin, and essential oils like peppermint and bio olive oil.

  • PHILIP MARTIN'S Tommy Baby Cream Wash / Cleansing Cream A specific emulsion formulated for babys' skin. The many ingredients with natural origin clean and soothe the babies skin maintaining its natural physiological balance. Its light texture removes the impurities yet leaving the skin soft and silky without needing any rinsing. 

  • NAK Hydrating Shampoo sulphate free . paraben free . hydrate . smoothdesigned for normal hair – dry or colour treatedProtects coloured hair, reducing fade. Conditions and seals the surface layer, improving the texture of the hair.shampoo: gentle cleansing action / creamy lather / protect coloured hair / hydrate. Please Note: Actual packaging may differ...

  • NAK BODY.N.SHINE SHAMPOO An oil loving, bodybuilding cleanser designed to enhance natural volume and protect hair from colour fade. Increase natural body, bounce and shine. Create styling fullness for colour treated, fine to medium hair textures.  

  • NAK DANDRUFF CONTROL ShampooTargeted cleansing to help manage and control dandruff, flaking, scale and other mild scalp concerns. Nourishing sea minerals and Peppermint extract soothe itching, redness and an irritated scalp environment.

  • NAK Dry Klean Shampoo sulphate free . paraben free . cleanse . refreshdesigned for all hair typesA weightless cleansing powder designed to gently cleanse and absorb residues without water. Revitalise scalp and hair whenever needed.

  • NAK Blonde Plus Shampoo for beautiful clean blondes without “brassiness!”

  • NAK CARE SHAMPOODelivers effective cleansing, care and maintenance for colour treated, chemically treated, dry and damaged hair. Infuses a rich blend of natural herbs and botanicals, hydrating Wheat Proteins and restores moisture to hair and scalp.

  • NAK AROMAS COLOUR SHAMPOOA rich, protective botanical cleanser, that nurtures and protects hair from colour fade. Strengthening Almond Milk Proteins and restorative aroma botanicals preserve condition, softness and manageability in colour treated, chemically treated, dry or damaged hair.

  • NAK Heat Beat Protective Shampoo nurtures . protects . moisturises • Gentle cleansing action • Smoothes and seals hair cuticle • Nurtures and prepares hair prior to heat styling • Replenishes moisture and repairs • Thermal protection • Improves manageability • Protects and prepares hair prior to heat styling

Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items